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New Bike Purchase

With Every New Bike Purchase, you also receive:

  • 1st Year Free Maintenance. We perform regular adjustments for the first year. This tune includes adjusting the gears, brakes, and bearings; truing the wheels; checking all the nuts and bolts. This does not include cleaning and lubing of the drivetrain. We can do that and properly clean the rest of the bike for $35.
  • 15% Off any bike accessory within 3 months of bike purchase.  Accessories for safe and efficient cycling include Helmet, Hydration, Pump, Lock, Lights, Tools, etc. Other items to increase your comfort include: Gloves, Cycle Clothing, Computers, Shoes / Pedals, Racks, Bags / Baskets, Fenders.
  • We will be happy to show you how to do simple things yourself. This will help you keep a working, trouble free bike for many years!

Keep your bike in great shape!

During Every Ride:

  • ALWAYS wear helmet
  • Jumping curbs damages the wheels – so don’t jump curbs

After Every Ride:

  • Clean mud, dirt or water off your bike.
  • Put bike away safely and on it (kick) stand
  • Never lay bike on its chain side – damaging 

Monthly Check:

  • Wheels
  • Brakes
  • Shifting
  • Suspension (if any)

6 Month Check:

  • Cassette (Rear Gears)
  • Chain Rings (Front Gears)
  • Chain for stretch
  • Cables for brakes & gears
  • Headset (steering bearing)
  • Bottom Bracket (pedal bearing)
  • Hubs (wheel bearings)

Before Every Ride do the ABC Quick Check:

  • Air pressure in tires 
  • Brakes are contacting the rim of the tires 
  • Chain works freely 
  • Crank arms and pedals are secure
  • Quick release are secure on both front and rear wheels


Sioux River Bicycle & Fitness - 305 5th St, Brookings, SD 57006 - (605) 692-5022

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