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Speak Up For Cycling

Every Voice Counts

Let's Avoid These Signs!

Anyone who enjoys riding a bike should participate, at least a little, in creating more and better places to ride. One of the wonderful things about living in America is the impact that an individual can have on the decisions that government makes about roads, bike paths and facilities. You can exercise the impact that you have to the benefit of all the cyclists in your community.

Letters And Post Cards Carry The Most Clout

Write a letter or note to your county commissioners, mayor, city council and / or congressmen and senator. In this letter, tell them that you enjoy riding your bike. That you would like for them to build more and better cycling facilities.

Now mail it to them.

The written word is as powerful today as it has ever been. And it is most powerful in the form of a letter on paper. Email and phone calls are good, but a letter is best.

If you want to make your letter even more powerful, get three friends to write similar letters and mail them at the same time. Together we can make a difference.


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